Every human is unique! However, there are certain basic characters / personality styles that represent different psychological models to better understand and assess human behavior and needs. The knowledge of these psychological insights is an excellent complement to the relevant intuitive knowledge of human nature.

People unite in themselves shares from the various basic profiles; in various roles (boss, husband, father, etc.) various styles can be preferred.

There are, however, preferred patterns of behavior that are lived without much energy and under stress. People have natural behavioral preferences and basic needs. The dynamics in teams is heavily influenced by the individual behavioural preferences, stiles and motivations.


Without consciously recognizing this, everyone plays a role that he/she has be trained to perform while at the same time viewing other peoples behaviours through their own filters. Misunderstandings, communication problems and escalation are often a consequence, followed by frustration, loss of energy and mental defeat. This doesn´t have to be the case.

Insights MDI Team-Analysis offer meaningful improvements to team performance:

  • increases mutual appreciation
  • facilitates team leadership and delegation
  • encourages team communication
  • improves mutual understanding
  • indicates possible conflict potentials