A review aims to establish a status quo with regards to how far a project has deviated from its initial plan in terms of time, cost, quality, scope, value and organizational impact. The review needs to be objective and facts based. Any decision that may be dependent on the reviews findings, may not influence the process of the review.

The PROJECT REVIEW follows the following process:

  1. Collect original business & objectives
  2. Amend objectives to reflect generally accepted changes to objectives
  3. Collect measures and facts about the project
  4. Compare, analyse and present variances
  5. Establish lessons learned
  6. Point out deviations from best practice
  7. Clarify sense of urgency
  8. Consult shareholder about future course of action
  9. Propose going-forward project navigation and command structure
  10. Establish revised objectives, means to monitor measures and follow-up review structure




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