Without a clear understanding of the outcome, it will be extremely difficult to identify the right measures and interventions to create change and improvements. Without clearly assigned responsibilities, who is to take charge? Without thorough feedback systems, how can progress - or the lack of it - be monitored and acted upon. Better Performance is not a miracle. We show you how it´s done. Performance in teams, processes and value chains requires measuring performance and constant realignment towards objectives and goals. Our approach in Performance Improvement relates to the model set out by the International Society for Performance Improvment (ISPI). The idea is to identy the performance gap, establish the criterias for verification of performance, identify an intervention and implement it, and evaluate the resulting performance improvement. Measuring Performance extends from a shop floor spreadsheet to large scale scorecards. "You can´t improve, what you can´t measure" - is a well-known principle, yet, all too often performance measurement lacks the proper data, key measures aren't defined well enough or goals aren't even specified properly. "If you don´t know where you are going, any path will take you there" is not only true but explaines why so many efforts end up in mediocracy instead of success or excellence. Profiling and Personality Tests are essential to analye the consistency of a team, reveal incompatibilities and make any potentials for tension or conflict visible before it is too late. While these methods provide insights in psychological preferences they allow to develop awareness over behavioural dispositions and help to design teams and processes around the strengthes and weaknesses of the participating individuals. Feedback Systems is a practice providing technical and non-technical solutions to collect large amounts of feedback, such as needed for an appraisal system, an effort to collect skills and to establish skill profiles or soliciting feedback regarding seminars or other interventions.  

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