The right skill at the right time at the right cost in the right place with a guarantee that all investments in that skill are secured.

During times when we were speaking about human capital, one very famous sentence was coined: “our capital is leaving every night and we are lucky if it returns in the morning.”  another phrase goes like this: “if we train our staff, they might just find a better job on the market, in which case we will have lost our investment, however, if we don’t train our staff, the cost might even be higher in the end.

A few you years ago, the cost of training were immensely high because of classroom trainings, where people needed to be present. Today, with online learning, learning management systems and  video conferencing, the cost half drastically declined. It is now possible to leverage the investment or even scale it for mass deployment.

New technologies allow us to, more or less, train people on the job without the burden of absence and high cost.  Cool new features make it fun and interesting to exchange with colleagues on a global level. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to mediate the right knowledge to the right people or connect with the experts immediately.

Sofisticated Human Resources Management Systems help in either recruiting the right skills or developing them, through the use of qualification profiles, strategic development plans and training management systems. In many cases however, these systems become legacy systems, with old development plans and obsolete qualification requirements, simply because they exist and nobody questions them. In todays fast-paced world, however, adaptability to new challenges and technologies demands that development plans are targeted towards the future not towards objectives of the past.

I will help you in putting together highly effective people development system with little interaction required, yet large scale application at the lowest cost possible.

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