Many organizations are run with ERP systems. The beauty of these systems is the integration of all functions. When such systems are being implemented, processes of the organization will be mapped onto the processes supported by ERP system and operational data needs to be harmonized to the underlying data structures of such ERP system. When an organization goes live with an ERP system, all reports, lists, key metrics, data sheets or analysis will have to come out of that system.

The downside of such systems lies in the complexity of its data structures. All too often, especially in international organizations, the data needs and reporting requirements cannot be met by the standard reports that the ERP system offers.  Customized data extractions and data preparations, typically using Microsoft Excel, diminish the value of the ERP system implementation.

Users are left to handle abstract and complex data structures with pivot tables, lookups and various formulas. Large spreadsheets without any sort of integration or data consistency mechanisms are the inevidable outcome. Cost calculations, headcount statistics, sales projections, bill-of-materials, procurement lists or capacity planning applications are typical examples for data that is maintained in an ERP system and then used and ammended in distributed Excel spreadsheets.

In addition, user roles and access rights will be compromised when increasing request for data extraction and downloads  become routine business. Data ownership principles often fall short of the rigid rules that preserve data integrity. Loose access and maintenance rights open doors to erroneous data, lost data and duplicate data sets. After a while, even the data in the ERP system lacks consistency and integrity.

I can help you with modeling the data that is needed in order to fulfill daily operations requirements and in streamlining the processes that allow to work with data out of your ERP system, without compromising it.  I can also assist in migrating data from Excel spreadsheets into SAP, in extracting data from ERP systems as well as in creating large Excel spreadsheet applications that sustain data integrity.

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