WordPress Landing Pages have just one objective: drawing the visitors attention away from everything else, but your offer. The moment someone clicks on your ad or your website link, he/she will be redirected to your landing page, which shows nothing else, but your offer. This step is critical because, it eliminates all options for any other ad or competitor website link. The moment the visitor is presented with your landing page, all other alternatives are gone.

The second reason, you need a landing page, is that it focuses on leading the visitor to a conclusion that is similiar to "ok, this sounds really good, I can´t loose anything and I shouldn´t miss this". The only outcome that you want from the visitor being on your landing page is to confirm a participation or a download or free digital product. All the visitor should be asked to do is, leave his/her email address and click a button that confirms the interaction.

BEWARE: A landing page is not your website! A landing page does not have menues. A landing page doesn´t offer any links to sub-pages. A landing page only presents your offer in as many details as possible, be it text, tables, lists, videos, graphics, photos, bullet point or slideshows  AND  a field to enter the visitors email address plus a button to confirm the interaction (which is to downoad something, to join a group, or to agree to be send a digital product (e.g. a pdf with lots of interesting stuff)).

On your landing page you specify only the details for this interaction, not all your products. This means, that you need to offer a give-away, such as the participation in your focus group on a certain subject, a download of a pdf-file that outlines the highlights of your research or a free newsletter that you will send out regulary via email. Any of these give-aways, and more, will do. You will have to find your own give-away. But make it something that the visitor cannot resist!

Once the visitor confirms the interaction, you can again redirect the page ... now to your Channeling Page.


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