On the internet, attention can only be generated with ads or links to your Website. There is only a limited number of places, where ads and links to a website can be placed. While ads are paid-for, links can be placed without any cost involved. But in either case, the number one objective is to be on the first page that visitors are shown, when they search for a vendor. Most internet users don´t even look at the second page.

The space to present ads and website-links on search engines is of couse limited. There is only a certain number that will be shown on page number one. Typically, search engines divide the space between paid-for-ads and so called organic website-links. While paid-for ads offer the possibility to invest a high amount of money and almost guarantee to have a place on page number one, organic website-links only show on page number one because of their relevance. This is why either SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using proper keywords and content  or Google/Facebook/other ads are the only possibilities to get attention.

SEO: Whether or not, an ad or a website-reference (link) is shown on the first page is determined by relevance. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in a way that it will be deemed highly relevant for a certain search term. Relevance is defined by the usefullness of the content that the ad or the website link points to, in relationship to the search term specified by the internet user who wants to find something. This search term must be met by one or more keywords in the ad or on the referenced website. Automated website visitors (algorythms) called bots and crawlers analyse websites to find out the relevance in regards to certain keywords. Only websites that are optimized for this kind of search, will have a chance to be found on page number one. SEO

In addition to organic search optimization, you can pay a high amount of money for placing an online ad. However, that still doesn´t guarantee a page number one placement after all. Even amoungst the ads on page number one, there is a ranking that, again, is based on relevance. Basically, what that means is, that SEO is always a must have, while paid-for ads can get you additional attention.

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