Apart from Google, other search engines, social networks like Facebook, XING or LinkedIN, there is an increasing tendency to involve specialist sites, usually called the partner-network. All these sites collect data about their visitors in order to determine preferences, desires, demographic details, usage behaviour and connections the visitor might have. On the other hand, there is a huge number of businesses and professionals who want to place an ad that seeks to address certain desires, preferences and demographics. Bringing these both sides together, is like a gigantic auction for ad-time and ad-space. Visitors will be presented with ads that match their personal profile and advertisers present their ads to the most prospective group of people. Advertisers need to bid for ad space and time by offering a certain amount of money for a click. The higher the bid, the more likely the ad will be considered during placement.

A Marketing Heaven come true, one might think. Placing an ad is however, expensive, time comsuming, complicated and not a sure-bet after all. Paying a high amount of money for an ad, only helps in getting the ad space and time. It doesn´t guarantee a page number one placement after all. Even amoungst the ads on page number one, there is a ranking that, again, is based on relevance. Basically, what that means is, that SEO is always a must have, while paid-for ads can get you additional attention.

I will assist you in setting up ads on any platform you prefer, helping you to devise proper keywords, text and messages as well as select the right target audience, channel and bidding options.


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