When we started out improving sales process, we tried things like strategic selling more conceptual selling. Today, despite the buzz about online marketing, emotional selling seems to be the trade of the day.

We have come to realize, that overloading our business partner with too much detail is not going to cut it. Instead, we now understand that primarily the clients needs ought to be our focus.

Still, selling, especially effective selling, is no walk in the park. Our capabilities of communicating and interacting have grown with the complexity of our language. Rhethorics and semantics aren’t always clear. Trust and authenticity have become more important than product details. Emotions, perceptions and relationships are the new currency of sales channels. Online Marketing, Automated Email Systems, Landing Pages and Social Networks are the new means for lead generation.

Clients buy from people they know and believe to be delivering on time, with the highest quality and at a fair price. But first of all, clients only buy from vendors they know. In times of overwhelming email ads, firewalls and spam filters, getting through has become the biggest challenge.

I can improve your sales process and ultimately increase revenue through the proper use of language, profiling and a coaching like approach to selling. I can also assist in setting up a highly effective online marketing system.


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