Nowadays we run most of our businesses over the internet. Online Stores have become the main distribution channel for many physical-product-based industries. But also Service-Provider, Agents, Lawyers, Doctors or any self-employed specialist depends on people finding their offer on the internet. Marketing products and services over the internet has become a major topic on ever companies agenda. Everyone is trying to get everybodies attention and seeks to attract visitors to their website. The key to achieving this lies in succesfully get the attention, secure the attention, channel the attention and convert attention in enough desire to want to buy a certain product.

The GSCC-Approach (Get-Secure-Channel-Convert) was developed over the course of several websites that I built for various industries. It has proven very successful and can be adopted by almost every business. If you follow this approach, there is not much more you can do, to increase sales and revenue over the internet.

Get Attention:  On the internet, attention can only be generated with paid-for ads or organic links to your Website. There is only a limited number of places, where ads and links to a website can be placed. Advertisers need to bid for ad space and time by offering a certain amount of money for a click. The higher the bid, the more likely the ad will be considered during placement. Visitors will be presented with ads that match their personal profile. While money can get you ad time and placement, it is the relevance of the website and the ad that will determine where the ad or the organic website link will be placed. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in a way that it will be deemed highly relevant for a certain search term. If you manage SEO well and invest in online ads, attention is almost guaranteed.

Secure Attention: Getting attention only gets you a click. Securing Attention is about presenting something to the visitor, that is not only interesting, but makes him want more. The time before a user clicks away is typically less than 2 seconds. What that means is, that withing 2 seconds, your content needs to convince the visitor to stay. The most popular approach to achieve this is to offer something that the visitor can hardly resist taking. At this time, the objective is to lead the visitor away from the marketing site and to a landing page where no other ads or competitors links are shown, but the visitor still finds what he/she is looking for ... and more.

Channel Attention: The next step is to honor the trust and investment that the visitor has already shown by taking him/her to a special offer page, that shows your appreciation and willingness to value the visitor as a customer. The special offer should comprise several options that cover almost all possibilities, so that the visitor will be likely to pick one option. Typically this offer includes something free of charge. There are several objectives here,  1st: find out more about what offer attracts the visitor most, 2nd: increase his level of engagement  and 3rd: turn the visitor into a prospect who is willing to sign up for more and freely gives his personal details

Convert Attention:  Once the visitor has identified him or herself and signed up for more, you can market products directly to him, using the knowledge about his preferences from the previous step. The objective is now to turn a prospect into a customer.





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