Teams are more than just the sum of their individual capacities. When teams work together effectively, everyone performs above his or her individual best. As Stephen Covey puts it: you need to go from dependence to independence to interdependence. Interdependence is a conscience form of dependence - appreciated as the highest form of work relationship, because it leverages the combined capacities and allows to individual to strive within a team. A good example are crews on a sailing ship. Everyone has a specific task, yet all tasks are connected to the tasks of others. There is no individual outcome, but one outcome for all.

Winning teams have one thing in common: the same objective or goal. Team members know that they can only achieve this objective by working together. Everyone´s individual skills are required to complete the job and overcome any challenge that presents itself. The appreciated interdependency fosters a great sense of support, commitment and work ethic. Only team members who desire to win as a team will show the respect, trust and communication that is needed to work together with such high level of performance.

Creating winning teams is like juggling. You must not drop one ball, yet defeat any disturbing influence, while focusing on each ball´s position at any time. Winning teams don´t leave anyone behind, they fight challenges to together and they watch out for each other. This is first and foremost a matter of attitude. Attitude in return is a function of belief systems and experience. Many examples of our daily life show people who outperform or stand out because of their attitude to achievement.

As your consultant and coach, I will work with your staff to develop a high-performance team with a winning attitude that is very hard to beat.


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