As an executive/leader you are dealing with decisions concerning your personal engagement as well as matters of the organization. Such situations don´t always offer the friendly environment of teams or close groups, due to the position you are in. Feedback, trust and loyalty can easily get in the way of conflicting objectives and different point of views. This is where executive coaching can be of incredible help. A secure environment, a trustful communication, honest feedback and a loyal relationship can only be provided by someone who is not involved in the powerplay, bureaucracy and conflicts of the organization, but rather, who is free to talk and has only the objectives of the coachee at heart.

As consultant and coach, I appreciate flexibility in approaching a certain challenge. Options and flexibility give us the freedom to choose and free us from following a path we don´t necessarily prefer. Very often though, our way of thinking, our belief systems, our experiences and our learn patterns of behaviour get in the way of finding new options. This is when we need to step back and look at the bigger picture while developing new perspectives on things. As a coach, I assist people in doing exactly that.

Rather than just acting as "the expert", as your coach, I will offer to challenge the status quo, including questioning existing assumptions, beliefs and routines, I will lead you to develop new perspectives and teach you in practicing techniques that will allow you to control your thinking, become clearer about what is holding you back and guide you in achieving the results you want. A successful coaching will leave you with more energy, more options and with the tools to overcome new challenges when they arise.

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