Growth, in personal life or in business, hardly ever comes without tremendous change and transformation. When a person seeks to grow, it is typically in the face of new challenges and endeavours. When a business decides to grow, it is targetting new dimensions, in sales, markets, finance or resources. In both cases change is required to achieve growth. As a person we might need to let go of particular behaviours, preferences and belief systems. As a business we will need to change processes, teams or even our strategy and mission.

Growth is not automatic, nor is it easy to achieve. It requires making an effort, sometimes patience and diligence, often with an argument and deep convictions. Yet, growth appears to be, what we all want. Governments grow their tax incomes and GDPs, corporations grow their customer bases and market shares, individuals grow their financial wealth and their personal possibilities.

Why is it, that growth drives so many things? What does it take to be successful in growing? And will we eventually stop growing?

From targeting other markets, diversification or franchising to forming an alliance or even merging with other companies, the possibilities are endless. Using Crowd Funding, Private Equity or Venture Capital for an expansion, a merger or an acquisitions requires considerable patience and due diligence.

Apart from common-sense business leadership, a growth strategy needs to consider many aspects such as:

  • Improve the operational & financial performance of the future company
  • Consolidate to ...
    • remove excess capacity from industry
    • improve competitive positioning
    • improve innovation and time to market
  • Improve access to market(s) for all future products
  • Roll-up fragmented industrie
  • Get skills or technologies fast and at the lowest cost
  • Leverage the industry specific scalability
  • Know your budget, know the market and negotiate well when buying
  • Partner with winning players and help them grow your alliance network
  • Lead transformations with care and heart

We help you in achieving all this. We will consult and coach you, help you make better decisions and guide you in aligning your teams in when change and transformation is present.

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