Physical Energy is largely the result of fitness and good nutrition. While fitness is a matter of excercise, getting enough good nutrition is not so easy anymore. We live in a world where nutritional suplements are widely available. Many people emphasize the need for good nutrition and explain why it is necessary, but all too often people still fall short in actually finding good nutrition. We also use technical devices to analyze our personal constitution, including measures relating to bloodsugar, heart function, level of vitamins in your body and many more, but still the numbers of people with stress, burnout and depression are on the rise. Just knowing about something and having reliable statistics about it, doesn´t eliminate the need for actuall doing something about it. What is urgently needed is actionable nutrition plans as well as feasibel fitness programs.

Emotional Energy is about our emotional states that are largely based on feelings, which are produced by our limbic system combined with the reasoning of our neo-cortex. Emotional energy can be controlled. Creating an understanding about how emotions get created, how they develop and how we can control the emotional energy levels is the focus of our work.

I believe, that, when it comes to improving physical and emotional energy, there is no alternative to a good personal fitness coach. As your coach, we will work out a detailed plan for you and follow up frequently. We will measure progress and correct any path that shows no results. We will meet in person to do checkups and even exercise together. We will practice controlling our minds and our emotions. We will set goals and make sure that we will achieve them. Finally, we will anchor any new and positive change in behaviour, so that your progress can continue in the future.

Your feedback is appreciated!