1986  -  Bachelor in Information Science (Fachhochschule Heidelberg)

2000  -  Master in International Management Consulting (Lincoln Universtiy, UK)

2001  -  Balanced Scorecard (Horvath & Partner, Germany)

2004  -  Performance  Improvement Specialist (ISPI, USA)

2005  -  Certified Project Management Professional (PMI, USA)

2005  -  Controller Akademie (Starnberg, Germany)

2015  -  Licensed NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner (Dr. Richard Bandler, USA)

2016  -  Certified Neuro Linguistic Seller (Marc Galal Institute, Germany)

2016  -  Insights MDI Master Accreditation (SCHEELEN AG, Germany)

2017  -  Business Boardgames Trainer Accreditation (Schirrmacher Group, Germany)

2017  -  Licensed NLP Trainer with the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Dr. Richard Bandler, USA)



With 20 years as a management consultant, working for companies such as SAP, ORACLE, BBC, SHELL, ROLLS-ROYCE, AIB, UBS and many others, Achim can draw from a variety of experiences that can also help you in achieving your goals.


Achim has worked as an advisor, project manager, coach, trainer and consultant on many international and intercultural projects. He is comfortable working on all levels of an organization when it comes to improving performance, creating innovation and growth potentials or developing leadership capabilities.


In 2015 he founded Learning & Growth GmbH, a professional services firm, to run larger international projects. Learning & Growth is headquartered in Germany, with offices in the UK and the U.S. (planned). At Learning & Growth Achim works with a team of highly skilled international trainers, coaches and consultants. Learning & Growth´s mission is to “enable people to see beyond what is currently possible, to develop new perspectives, reach out for new opportunities, overcome challenges and achieve their professional and personal goals."


Believing in the value that specialization offers Achim has partnered with a number of service providers to deliver the best results possible. Still, he is independent in the solution of choice and still bases his decisions and suggestions soleley on what is best for his clients.


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